5 October 2022

Pop-Machina and SKG Makers at TIF

On Tuesday, September 13 at 20:00, representatives of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and Q-PLAN INTERNATIONAL S.A. presented the H2020 Pop-Machina EU-funded research project and the community of SKG Makers, as well as other related actions of the Municipality, at the event organized by the Europe Direct team on the theme “Pop-Machina Workshop”.

The event opened with a short speech by the vice-mayor Mr. M. Koupkas who emphasized the importance of the circular economy in the operation of the modern Greek city and spoke about the participation of the municipality of Thessaloniki in the Pop-Machina project and its fruits that are transformed into the creation and operation of the SKG Makers creative space, highlighting its contribution to the education and networking of the city’s local maker community.

For the Pop-Machina project, Ms. E. Roma-Athanasiadou, on behalf of Q-PLAN INTERNATIONAL S.A., partner in Pop-Machina, provided more information, emphasizing the project’s contribution to highlighting the possibilities of collaborative production in the direction of the circular economy in EU, through the creation of makerspaces and the empowerment of maker communities.

Mr. V. Chrysovergis took the baton, quoting his experience from managing the SKG Makers makerspace and the Circular Entrepreneurship Accelerator for Makers currently taking place in the makerspace, as well as presenting the activities of the makerspace and announcing new equipment arrivals, which will, among other things, complete the plastic recycling workshop.

The presentation ended with Ms. M. Verberi, an active creator of SKG Makers who weaves on a loom using recycled natural wool. Ms. Verberi spoke about her experience of using the makerspace and the training of the Circular Entrepreneurship Accelerator, through which she managed to develop her business “PENELOPE” and presented her creations to the public.