5 October 2022

Thessaloniki: Circular Economy in Practice

The Deputy Mayor of Finance of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, Mr. Michalis Koupkas, in the article “Thessaloniki: The Circular Economy in Practice”, on the online information website Parallaxi, spoke about the implementation of the circular economy in the city of Thessaloniki, through actions and programs of the Municipality.

Among them, SKG Makers are a key action of the Municipality that aims to offer open access to knowledge and tools, and to raise awareness on issues such as social environmental innovation, circular economy, recycling, circular entrepreneurship, and many more.

“SKG Makers is the first community of makers in Thessaloniki, as an action of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. It is supported by the Pop-Machina program in the context of the implementation of a collaborative, circular Makerspace in our city and is co-located with OK!Thess.”