10 October 2022

Pallets & Shutters Challenge

The circular economy affects us all. Whether you call it renewal, reuse, recovery, or recycling.

SKG Makers are now giving new life to old blinds and pallets. Some time ago, we visited the Bulk Materials Collection Center of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, where we collected old furniture, pallets, blinds, etc.

After dealing with upcycling furniture in the previous Challenge, we now invite you to work together, give new life and design new beautiful furniture and decorations, from pallets and blinds, and maybe some of them will be sold in the Pop-Machina Bazaar.

Pallets & Shutters Challenge is on!

All it takes is a little imagination and a few simple tools to turn the old into the new – saving money and most of all saving waste. Check out the photos to get some ideas.

SKG Makers invite you to another original action on Saturday 04/09/2022. Fill out the form to register, and you will be notified by email about the details of our meeting!

We are waiting for you in another challenge of creativity, cooperation, and recycling!