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SKG Makers are an open initiative of the Municipality of Thessaloniki that aims to rally, empower and strengthen the makers of the city. It offers access to infrastructure and training in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, towards promoting circular economy in the creative aspects of the city, for a more modern, green and sustainable Thessaloniki.

Come and get to know each other and join the open discussion on social and environmental innovation, redefining perceptions of reuse, design, and recycling of materials by springboarding the makers of the city.

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Οur spaces

With three fully equipped labs, a conference room, foyer and multiple workstations, SKG Makers offer a suitable environment for work, training, interaction and of course, creativity.


Electronics Lab

Get access to computers, 3D Printers, Oscilloscopes, Soldering Irons, and much more for rapid prototyping.

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Wood & Metal Lab

Give new life to wooden and metal creations in a fully equipped space for demanding creators.

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Plastics Lab

Reshape plastics from scratch, making your own molds and giving the design you imagine.

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SKG Makers are co-housed with OK!Thess.

Komotinis 2, 54655 Thessaloniki

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