5 October 2022

1st round of the Circular Maker Accelerator

The 1st round of the Circular Maker Accelerator in Thessaloniki by SKG Makers has been completed, under the support of the European project Pop-Machina, and the collaboration with Youthnest, has been completed.

The Circular Maker Accelerator is a comprehensive training program on innovation and entrepreneurship in the circular economy, which aims to provide makers with the knowledge and skills needed to turn their ideas into sustainable and competitive businesses!

The Circular Creativity Accelerator training covered eight (8) key topics necessary to support an idea to develop into a sustainable business. These topics were:

  1. Introduction to the Business Model Canvas – Value chain positioning
  2. Who is my customer? – Introduction to Design Thinking
  3. Competition research – Marketing analysis & Competitive landscape
  4. The steps for my service – Customer and Business
  5. Design Thinking – Prototyping and Testing
  6. Financial support assessment
  7. Digital Marketing for businesses
  8. Pitching

Meet the teams
Vres Ftera – Georgia Tsiamantas, Elena Petsa, Eva Sarigiannidou, & Kostas Katsikas
PENELOPE – Meropi Berveri
Dimmer Lamps/Light Kit – Dimitra Aloutzanidou
Niki Vagena
Efstratios Thymiakis
George Parlitsis
Elena.tereza_art – Elena Teresa Vassiliou